Information on accessibility


Barrier-free access to all events, the Samtleben bookshop and the Literaturhauscafé is particularly important to us. You can also join many of our evening events via livestream.

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How to get here

Unfortunately, the Literaturhaus does not have its own parking spaces. There are public parking spaces for people with disabilities in the adjoining streets such as Papenhuder Straße and Eduard-Rhein-Ufer.

The nearest barrier-free bus stop is about 400 meters away. Use Google Maps for further information.

Entering the building

Seven steps in front of the entrance lead into the building. There are two more steps without a handrail in the entrance area of the Literaturhaus.

Outside next to the main entrance, there is a lift which gives you access to the Literaturhaus. Press and hold the call button to call the lift. Before using the lift outside, please inform us so that we can open the front door downstairs for you – by telephone (Literaturhauscafé +49 40.220 13 00 or Literaturhaus-Verein +49 40.22 70 20-0) or speak to us in person. The lift outside has the following dimensions: 80 cm (w), 150 cm (d), width of the doors 80 cm.


The lift inside

Since summer 2018, there is a lift inside the Literaturhaus. Please note that the floor button for the desired floor must be pushed during the entire ride so that the elevator keeps moving. This passenger lift is very slow.

The hinged door opens outwards. To enter the lift, open the door manually by pulling the handle. The handle is located on the left-hand side and can be used at any height. The lift has the following dimensions: 120 cm (w), 110 cm (d), door width 90 cm.


An accessible toilet is available on the third floor of the Literaturhaus. The lift takes you to the third floor. The accessible toilet can be found on the exact opposite of the lift, just 2 metres away. The floor button must be pushed during the entire journey to keep the lift moving.

Other, non-accessible toilets are located on the second floor and in the basement of the building.

Information for blind and visually impaired people

The lift and its buttons are marked with Braille.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the paths in our building are completely free and cleared up. The labels in the building may be difficult to read due to insufficient contrast.

If you need help, please contact us, or call us in advance.

Individual hearing assistance

With the Sennheiser hearing assistance system, you can enjoy an optimal sound experience at our events. This works for people with and without hearing aids (hearing aid or cochlear implant). Volume, dynamics, and sound can be easily and intuitively controlled with your own smartphone via WLAN.

Please bring your own headphones and install the free MobileConnect app before your visit. It is available in the Google Playstore and the Apple App Store. Further information on using the app can be found on the Sennheiser website.

If you do not have a smartphone available, we will provide you with a loan device. Feel free to contact us at the events to get help from our technicians.

We would like to thank the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the Tantau Foundation and the »Von Mensch zu Mensch« initiative of the Hamburger Abendblatt for their support.

Places for wheelchairs

There is no fixed seating in the Literaturhaus, so we can easily provide places for wheelchairs.

Please call +49 40.22 70 20-0 or write an email to to register for events in advance so that we can save a place for you.

Please note that when the event is sold out, there is little room for arranging.

Free tickets for guests of disabled persons

As a disabled person you get a discount. If your disabled person´s ID shows the mark »B« you can also get one ticket for a person who accompanies you. You can order both, your ticket and the one for your companion, via the Literaturhaus office. Therefore, call +49 40.22 70 20-0 or write an email to

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Ticket donations

The Literaturhaus regularly donates free tickets to the organisations Hamburger Kulturschlüssel and Kulturleben Hamburg. The organisations provide tickets to people who cannot afford culture and/or cannot go to cultural events on their own. The organisers can also provide you with further information.